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Liver and Pancreas Treatments

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UW Health Liver and Pancreas surgeons collaborate with a clinical care team of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, gastroenterologists, hepatologists, radiologists and pathologists to evaluate patients and determine the best course of treatment.
The Liver and Pancreas Center uses state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques that are less invasive, including new surgical techniques and innovative treatments for liver tumors. Among the novel treatments offered are:
  • Minimally invasive resection, including laparoscopic pancreatectomy and hepatectomy
  • Tumor ablation: Includes cryo-, radiofrequency or microwave ablation to allow for percutaneous or open ablation of liver tumors
  • Directed radiotherapy: Administration of intra-arterial yttrium-90 labeled Theraspheres or SIR-spheres for patients with multifocal hepatic disease not amenable to resection or to other methods of ablation
  • Portal vein embolization
  • Hepatic arterial regional chemotherapy
  • Two-stage hepatectomy
  • Total pancreatectomy and islet autotransplantation
  • Advanced Imaging

For patients with the certain conditions, the following treatments may be part of their treatment plan:



Bile Duct/Gallbladder