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Test Name: Ehrlichia/Anaplasma PCR and Smear Review

Test Code(s): EHRSMR / O122294

CPT Code(s): 87798, 87207

Test Description: Test Component:

Ehrlichia/Anaplasma DNA Detection and Ehrlichia/Anaplasma Smear Review.

Clinical Significance: To diagnose infections of Ehrlichia chaffeensis or Anaplasma phagocytophilium.

Days Performed: Daily, 24 hours.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen: Blood

Collection Container: Preferred: 2 Lavender tops

Collection Volume: Preferred: 1 mL

Sample Analyzed: Whole Blood

Volume Required: Preferred: 1 mL

Specimen Transport: Transport whole blood specimen to UWHC Core Laboratory (B4/220).  

Stability: Ambient: 8 hours for smear
Refrigerated: 7 days for DNA detection
Frozen: Not acceptable


Expected Results:

No organisms seen.

Critical Calls: View

Additional Information:

Ordering source will be called if organisms are seen and confirmed by pathologist.


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