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Test Name: Monoclonal Protein Quantitation, Urine, 24 Hour

Test Code(s): ULCT / HCULCT

CPT Code(s): 84166, 84156

Test Description: Test Component:

Urine protein electrophoresis and a quantitative urine protein.

Methodology: Gel Electrophoresis

Clinical Significance: Urine protein electrophoresis is used to quantitate monoclonal light chain bands previously identified by urine immunofixation.

Days Performed: Mon-Fri, dayshift - day varies.

Turnaround Time: Stat: Not available stat.
Routine: 3 working days.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen: 24 hour timed urine

Collection Instructions: No preservative.

Collection Container: Preferred: 24 hour urine container

Collection Volume: Preferred: Entire collection
Pediatrics: Entire collection

Sample Analyzed: Urine aliquot

Volume Required: Preferred: 10 mL
Pediatrics: 10 mL

Specimen Processing: Refrigerate specimen.

Specimen Transport: Transport entire collection to UWHC Core Laboratory (B4/220) at close of collection.

Outreach Specimen Transport: Send aliquot from a well-mixed 24 hour collection in a sterile container with a coolant pack.

Unacceptable Criteria: Random urine collections.
Urines with preservatives.
Urines with bloody supernatants are acceptable but not desirable.
Urines with no previously identified monoclonal proteins.

Stability: Ambient: Not acceptable
Refrigerated: 1 week
Frozen: 3 months for concentrated sample


A written interpretive report with the scan is issued as a separate report.

Test Limitations:

The total urine protein method may underestimate the tubular and light chain protein fractions causing an underestimate in the semi-quantitative protein values reported by electrophoresis. The percent relationship of light chain proteins to tubular proteins and the ability to detect light chains is not affected.

Additional Information:

A professional fee is associated with this test.

UPEP,ULCT,urine protein electrophoresis

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