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Test Name: Simian B Virus Culture


Methodology: Virus isolation by Cell Culture

Clinical Significance: Test only available as part of biohazard workup involving macaque monkeys.

Testing Site: Testing will be sent to an approved reference laboratory.

Request Form: B Virus Immunology Form

Specimen Requirements

Specimen: See collection instructions.

Collection Instructions: Special request form necessary.  Contact UWHC Test Referral office at (608)262-6388, to obtain form.
Collect virology swab samples of the wound site or exposed area as applicable. One swab per sample site.  The sample should be collected as soon after injury as possible and after the site has been disinfected.  Place each swab into separate vials, each containing 1-3 mL of viral transport media. Freeze.

Collection Container: Preferred: Refrigerated M4 Transport Medium
Also Acceptable: UTM(Universal Transport Medium)

Specimen Transport: Transport inoculated vials to UWHC Core Laboratory (B4/220)on coolant pack.

Stability: Refrigerated: 1 week
Frozen: indefinitely


A report will be provided.

Additional Information:

B Virus Exposure Mini-Protocol available from UWHC Test Referral office at (608)262-6388.

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