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Test Name: Neonatal Screen

Test Code(s): NEON / NEOSCR

CPT Code(s): 83788, 82017, 82261, 83498, 83516, 82775, 83020, 84443, 84510, 84030

Test Description: Link:

Testing Site: Testing will be sent to an approved reference laboratory.

Request Form: WSLH Newborn Screening Kit - Obtain from lab (263-7060)

Days Performed: Mon-Fri.

Turnaround Time: Routine: 1 - 2 days.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen: Blood

Collection Instructions: Full term infants: Collect at 24-48 hours of age. Low birth weight/sick infants refer to Specimen Collection at WSLH link provided.

Follow collection instructions included with kit. Fill circles completely. Allow blood to air dry at room temperature for a minimum of three (3) hours. Do not use artificial heat (lamps, incubators, etc.) to dry the specimens. If label is used, place patient label on the filter paper away from the blood circles so label does not interfere with specimen processing. Do not place label on the blank portion of the front page.

Collection Container: Preferred: Newborn screening kit (WSLH)

Specimen Transport: Transport specimen to UWHC Core Laboratory (B4/220). After specimen is completely dry, it may be placed in plastic bag and sent via pneumatic tube to the Core Lab. Sending wet specimen will impact quality and cause specimen to be rejected as unsatisfactory for testing.

Unacceptable Criteria: Circles are not filled completely.
Blood on the tan cover of the card.
Specimen received more than 7 days after collection.


Report sent directly to ordering physician. Report provides interpretation.

Newborn Screening

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