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Test Name: Culture, Tissue/Bone/Abscess/Catheter Tip, Aerobe/Anaerobe, with Gram Stain


CPT Code(s): 87075, 87070, 87205, 87015, 87176; Additional CPT codes may be added for processing, identification, and susceptibility testing.

Test Description: Test Component:

Gram stain and aerobic/anaerobic culture.

Methodology: Culture, Microscopy

Clinical Significance: Culture includes recovery of aerobic and anaerobic (A/A) organisms.

Days Performed: Daily.

Turnaround Time: Routine: Preliminary report: 24 hours. Final report: Negative cultures 5 days. Report on specimens from which pathogens are isolated require a minimum of 48 hours for completion.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen: See collection instructions.

Collection Instructions: Submit tissue, bone, abscess fluid/aspirate, or non-intravascular catheter tip. Avoid contamination with skin or mucous membrane flora. Immediately place specimen in anaerobic transport (ACT I) tube. Avoid introducing oxygen. If swab, also send additional swab for Gram stain.

Specimen for anaerobic culture will also be used to set up aerobic culture.

A single specimen is sufficient for performing fungal and aerobic/anaerobic culture.

Collection Container: Preferred: Anaerobic transport (A.C.T. I) tube

Specimen Transport: Specimen must be sent in anaerobic transport and received within 6-12 hours of collection. Collection methods using needle aspiration may be transported (without needle) immediately to the UWHC Microbiology laboratory (B4/231) by a health care provider.

Unacceptable Criteria: Swab specimens collected during surgery are not acceptable.

Stability: Ambient: 12 hours
Refrigerated: 7 days
Frozen: Not acceptable


Expected Results:

No growth

Critical Calls: View


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