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Test Name: Nucleated Cell Count

Test Code(s): TNCC / HCTNCC

CPT Code(s): 89050

Methodology: Flow Cytometry

Clinical Significance: Available on bone marrow transplant harvests only.

Days Performed: Daily, 24 hours.

Turnaround Time: Stat: Less than 1 hour.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen: Bone marrow aspirate

Collection Instructions: Place specimen in a tube with no anticoagulants, or a lavender-top tube.  DO NOT place specimen in a red-top tube as it contains clot activators.  

Collection Container: Preferred: See collection instructions.

Collection Volume: Preferred: 2 mL
Pediatrics: 2 mL

Sample Analyzed: Bone Marrow Aspirate

Volume Required: Preferred: 2 mL
Pediatrics: 2 mL

Specimen Transport: Transport specimen to UWHC Core Laboratory (B4/220) immediately.

Unacceptable Criteria: Clotted samples or samples in red-top tubes (which contains a clot activator) are not acceptable.


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