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On 4/10/07, UWHC Information Technology Services (ITS) upgraded our Netscreen Secure Access Client that is used to access U-Connect, WISCR-IT, Epic and other clinical resources from home. This will resolve compatibility problems between the Netscreen software and Internet Explorer 7, as well as resolve compatibility problems with Macintosh computers.
Although the Netscreen software will now be compatible with IE 7, we will still not have an official compatibility from some of the software that you access via U-Connect.
  • Software that does not work via IE 7: PACS
  • Software that appears to work via IE 7 (though not officially confirmed by our vendors): WISCR, E-Sig, U-Connect

If you have no compelling reason to move to IE 7 at this time, you may wish to continue to delay accepting the IE 7 upgrade on your home computer (especially if you directly access PACS from home).


The Netscreen company tells us that Netscreen does not yet work with Windows Vista.


Internet Explorer 7.0


This version of Netscreen has resolved compatibility issues for Windows PCs using Internet Explorer 7.0 when connecting to our network. Netscreen will continue to work with Internet Explorer 6.0; however, so please keep the following points in mind when evaluating whether or not to upgrade your Windows PC:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 is a significant upgrade for a Web browser. It has been known to compromise machine stability on older PCs, including complete loss of data. Current computing technology has embedded the Web browser within the operating system, so when installing IE 7, you should proceed with the same level of caution you would use for installing a new release of Windows. It is recommended that you back up all data on your hard drive before proceeding with the upgrade.
  • Should you install Internet Explorer 7.0, and subsequently find that it has negative consequences, you can un-install IE 7, but note you would need to do this relatively quickly (ie within a few days). This is because after you within a few weeks, your computer will likely start receiving patches that can make it difficult to un-install IE 7.
  • Based on testing performed by Information Technology Services, Internet Explorer 7.0 will work with most clinical resources. Examples include U-Connect, WISCR-IT, Epic and Micromedex. However, please keep in mind that absent the assurance of our vendors for 100% compatibility, there is a potential for stability, viewing, or performance issues to sporadically occur.
  • The stand-alone Enterprise Medical Image Archive (PACS) image viewer will not work with Internet Explorer 7.0 or by logging into the PACS system. This program performs a 'browser check' and automatically shuts down upon detecting Internet Explorer 7.
  • Credentialed providers are already able to access PACS with WISCR-IT via Citrix. If you are in need of WISCR-IT via Citrix, please call Brad Sinner, WISCR Support Specialist, at (608) 265-5805. (Please note: The Radiology-PACS team does not recommend viewing images via Citrix for diagnostic interpretation.)

Note: As UWHC does not currently have Internet Explorer 7 installed on our network, the helpdesk will be extremely limited in its ability to help you troubleshoot issues related to the installation or performance of this IE 7.


Windows Vista


This version of Netscreen has resolved compatibility issues for Windows Vista when connecting to our network.


Macintosh Computers with Intel Microprocessors


Full access for the Macintosh platform will be available, now including Macintosh computers that have an Intel-based microprocessor. Please keep in mind, though, that the minimum required release of System X is still 10.2.8 or higher.