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Living with HIV/AIDS

The UW Health HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care Program at UW Hospital and Clinics strives to not only provide top-notch medical treatment for our patients but also to facilitate communication and, through initiatives like our HIV Community Advisory Council, give patients a forum to air their views and opinions.


The people below are patients at our clinic and frequent participants on the advisory council. We asked them what it's like to live with HIV/AIDS. Watch the videos below to learn what they told us.


Living With HIV/AIDS


 Daniel talks about his medical regimens    Eddie talks about the importance of early diagnosis
Daniel says proper treatment saved him from "death's door."   Eddie stresses early diagnosis as the most important thing.
 Joe talks about the importance of being informed    John discusses the step he made to accept AIDS as a part of him
Joe looks to his doctors for the truth about information and research.   John made the decision to accept AIDS as part of his life.
 Johnny discusses how his struggles with addiction affected his treatment    Mark talks about how his life has been affected
Johnny's struggles with addiction inhibited his treatment.   Mark worked to live "with rather than in the disease."
 Heidi talks about how she reacted to her diagnosis    
Heidi's mind and heart reacted differently to her diagnosis.