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At UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, our Heart and Vascular Care team draws on the resources of a world-class hospital and medical school to offer the most advanced cardiovascular treatments in the state.
Our success with assist devices sustains heart failure patients for longer than ever before, and our comprehensive transplant program offers hope to the sickest patients.
With every advanced treatment we offer, we further strengthen our dedication to multidisciplinary, collaborative care for our heart, blood vessel and lung patients - an approach that results in superior patient outcomes.
We also offer a Second Opinion Program in which patients can set up appointments with expert health care personnel within 48 hours of initial contact. The program is especially helpful for complex surgical cases or for those who have been told their condition is inoperable or not treatable with medical therapies.
Our advanced care and extensive services include the following conditions:

Heart Conditions
 Blood Vessel Conditions
Non-cardiac Chest Conditions
Other Conditions
See Thoracic Surgery for more information about the following conditions: