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human heart, UW Health Heart and Vascular CareFor a moment, the heart is relaxed. But in a second, it will contract, pushing blood out to a complex hierarchy of arteries. Through these arteries, blood carries life-sustaining oxygen to the brain, limbs, organs, tissues, and cells. Once these structures receive the oxygen they need, blood begins its return journey, ending up back in the heart, where it began. In another second, the heart contracts again, and the process repeats...
Cardiovascular circulation is a remarkable feat of engineering and stamina. By pushing the flow of blood and oxygen through the body, every moment of every day, it nourishes a life.
Located in Madison, Wisconsin, UW Health's Heart and Vascular Care program takes its cue from the circulatory system. As part of a world-class academic institution, one half of our mission is to be a destination for advanced cardiovascular care - a center where innovation and expertise converge to heal the people of Wisconsin, as well as patients throughout the region.
But, like the second phase of a heartbeat, the other half of our mission is to push the flow of ideas, knowledge, and experience out to the community. By sharing our advancements, we nourish even more lives… for generations to come.
That's what we call the "Wisconsin Idea." At UW Health, circulation is our life, innovation is in our blood, and our heart is beating strong.
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