High Blood Pressure


  1. Deciding About Taking Blood Pressure Medicine (02:29)
    Compare the pros and cons of taking medicine for your high blood pressure.
  2. Heart Health: Where Will You Be in 5 Years? (03:53)
    Hear what motivated other people to make changes to keep their heart healthy.
  3. High Blood Pressure: Make the Most of Home Monitoring (02:42)
    Learn how using a home blood pressure monitor can give you better control of your health.
  4. High Blood Pressure: The DASH Diet (02:03)
    Learn how the DASH eating plan can help lower your blood pressure.
  1. Lifestyle Changes to Lower Blood Pressure (01:44)
    Learn how healthy lifestyle changes can help lower your blood pressure.
  2. Taking Blood Pressure Medicine: How Others Decided (01:25)
    Hear what other people thought about as they decided whether to take blood pressure pills.
  3. The Effects of High Blood Pressure (01:46)
    Learn how high blood pressure that isn't treated can cause serious health problems.