Heart Failure


  1. Heart Failure: Being Active (01:35)
    Learn how exercise is good for your heart and how to be active and safe.
  2. Heart Failure: Checking Your Weight Daily (01:38)
    Understand how daily weight checks help you avoid heart failure emergencies.
  3. Heart Failure: Daily Symptom Checks (01:33)
    Learn how to easily check your symptoms daily so you can stay healthy.
  4. Heart Failure: How Support Can Help (01:23)
    Learn how to reach out to friends and loved ones for support.
  5. Heart Failure: Learn to Recognize Symptoms (02:06)
    Learn how checking your symptoms every day helps you manage your heart failure.
  6. Heart Failure: Limiting Fluids (01:25)
    Learn tips for limiting fluids to prevent fluid buildup.
  7. Heart Failure: Limiting Sodium (01:32)
    Learn why sodium is bad for heart failure and get tips for low-sodium meals.
  8. Heart Failure: Medicines to Avoid (01:25)
    Learn which medicines could make your heart failure worse.
  9. Heart Failure: Practice Tracking Sodium (02:51)
    Learn how to start tracking the sodium in all the foods and drinks you have each day.
  1. Heart Failure: Self-Care (01:37)
    Learn why your daily care plan is so important for managing your heart failure.
  2. Heart Failure: Small Steps to Self-Care (02:17)
    Learn how to take small steps toward long-term self-care for heart failure.
  3. Heart Failure: Taking an ACE inhibitor or ARB (01:52)
    Learn from another person with heart failure about the importance of taking your ACE inhibitor/ARB.
  4. Heart Failure: Track Your Symptoms (01:33)
    Learn to keep track of your symptoms to help manage your heart failure.
  5. Heart Failure: When to Act on Your Symptoms (02:47)
    Learn how to be sure when changes in your symptoms mean you should get help.
  6. Heart Failure: When to Call for Help (01:19)
    Learn why you need a written plan to know when heart failure symptoms are an emergency.
  7. Heart Failure: Your Reason to Be Active (01:05)
    Find what motivates you to add a little activity to your life and benefit your heart.
  8. Heart Problems: What Is Cardiac Rehab? (02:00)
    Learn how cardiac rehab works and how it can help you get stronger and feel better.