Heart Disease


  1. Angioplasty for Heart Disease (02:18)
    Learn how angioplasty opens narrowed or blocked arteries to help you avoid a heart attack.
  2. Being Active With Heart Disease (01:27)
    Learn how regular exercise can help your heart get stronger and healthier.
  3. Bypass Surgery for Heart Disease (01:55)
    Learn what bypass surgery does for your heart and what will happen during surgery.
  4. Coronary Angiogram: How Others Decided (02:11)
    Hear what other people thought about as they decided whether to have a coronary angiogram.
  5. Deciding About Coronary Angiogram (02:49)
    Learn when having an angiogram is helpful and when it may not be needed.
  6. Heart Disease and Depression (01:14)
    Learn how keeping your mood healthy can also help keep your heart healthy.
  7. Heart Disease: Commit to Making an Exercise Plan (02:39)
    Picture an exercise plan you would enjoy, and commit to taking small steps to get there.
  8. Heart Disease: Every Step Matters (01:46)
    Learn how heart disease affects you and how to help prevent a heart attack.
  1. Heart Disease: Moving Forward (02:12)
    See how a diagnosis of heart disease inspired others to care for their heart.
  2. Heart Disease: Women Are at Risk Too (01:01)
    Learn why it's important to know your risk for heart disease if you're a woman.
  3. Heart Health: Where Will You Be in 5 Years? (03:53)
    Hear what motivated other people to make changes to keep their heart healthy.
  4. Heart-Healthy Diet (01:52)
    Learn how to start eating foods that are good for your heart.
  5. Open-Heart Surgery: Returning Home (03:06)
    Learn how to take care of yourself and what activities to avoid after open-heart surgery.
  6. Preventing Heart Disease (02:00)
    Learn how a heart-healthy lifestyle can lower your risk for heart disease.
  7. Preventing Heart Disease in Women: First Steps (02:06)
    See how three women found ways to fit heart-healthy habits into their busy lives.