Heart Attack


  1. Beta-Blockers After a Heart Attack (01:53)
    Learn how beta-blocker medicine helps your heart heal after a heart attack.
  2. Heart Problems: What Is Cardiac Rehab? (02:00)
    Learn how cardiac rehab works and how it can help you get stronger and feel better.
  3. How a Heart Attack Happens (00:51)
    Get a clear, simple explanation of what happens in a heart attack.
  4. How to Prevent a Second Heart Attack (01:52)
    Learn how medicines and a healthy lifestyle help protect you from another heart attack.
  5. Is It a Heart Attack? (02:14)
    Hear a story about how heart attacks may feel different than you expect.
  1. Learning About Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke (01:56)
    Learn what raises your risk for having a heart attack or stroke and how you can lower your risk.
  2. Low-Dose Aspirin for Heart Disease (03:00)
    See why your doctor prescribed low-dose aspirin for your heart.
  3. Plaque, Platelets, and Heart Attack (02:05)
    Learn how natural processes in your blood vessels can become a problem and cause a heart attack.
  4. Statins Are Important After a Heart Attack (01:21)
    Learn why taking a statin pill is such an important part of your treatment.
  5. Why Beta-Blockers Are Important After a Heart Attack (02:07)
    See how beta-blocker medicines work in your body and can help prevent another heart attack.