1. Counseling for Depression (02:12)
    Learn how working with the right counselor can help treat depression.
  2. Depression Is Common (00:42)
    Find out just how common depression is and why treatment matters.
  3. Depression Medicine Side Effects (01:54)
    Learn how to deal with common side effects of depression medicines.
  4. Depression Medicine: Deciding to Quit (01:56)
    Learn why it's important to work with your doctor when stopping depression medicines.
  5. Depression Medicines (01:18)
    Learn how depression medicines work to help you feel better.
  6. Depression: Balancing Brain Chemicals (00:37)
    Learn how depression medicines balance chemicals in your brain to help you feel better.
  7. Depression: Cost of Medicine (00:30)
    Get some tips on saving money on medicine for depression.
  8. Depression: How It Affects Your Body (01:25)
    Learn about physical symptoms that may be linked to depression.
  9. Depression: Mood Check-In to Prevent a Relapse (03:26)
    Learn to check your mood for warning signs that depression may be coming back.
  1. Depression: Outside Looking In (01:35)
    See how depression can affect relationships and why treatment matters.
  2. Depression: Rating Your Mood (02:17)
    Learn how tracking your mood can help you manage depression.
  3. Depression: Social Support and Recovery (02:44)
    See how family and friends helped three people cope with depression.
  4. Depression: Using Your Inner Strengths (02:39)
    Learn how to use your inner strengths to get through tough times and overcome challenges.
  5. Medicines for Depression (01:45)
    Learn how depression medicines can help and why it may take time to find the right medicine for you.
  6. Stories From People Recovering From Depression (02:06)
    You can make it through your depression. Hear from people who have recovered from depression.
  7. Stories From People With New Depression (01:29)
    You are not alone in feeling down. Hear from others who have depression.
  8. Treatment for Depression (00:45)
    Get a brief introduction to the ways depression can be treated.