Back Pain


  1. Back Pain Needs Time, Activity, and Medicine (00:42)
    Learn how your back is like a bridge and the three things that can fix most back problems.
  2. Back Pain: Getting In and Out of Bed (01:30)
    Learn easy ways to protect your back when you get in and out of bed and while you sleep.
  3. Back Pain: Self-Massage With a Tennis Ball (01:27)
    Learn an easy way to give yourself a back massage using a tennis ball.
  4. Back Pain: Strengthening Your Core (00:29)
    Learn how being active builds a strong core and keeps your back healthy.
  5. Back Surgery for Spinal Stenosis (01:38)
    Learn how surgery for spinal stenosis pain is done and how long it takes to recover.
  1. Chronic Low Back Pain: Time for Something New (01:49)
    Think about what you've tried for back pain and what you might consider now.
  2. Heat or Ice for Low Back Pain (01:35)
    Learn when and how to use ice and heat to relieve low back pain.
  3. Low Back Pain: Keep Moving (01:06)
    Learn about activity and exercise to help reduce low back pain.
  4. Tests for Low Back Pain (00:39)
    Learn why X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs may not find the cause of your low back pain.