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The UW Health Kids blogs Growing Up Healthy and Writes of Passage Blog provide resources and tips to help your family be healthy.

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Our Growing Up Healthy for kids and Writes of Passage for teens blogs helps you create a positive, healthy environment for your family. View the blogs


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Eyes, Ears and Aging

Eyes, Ears and Aging

Ears and eyes are similar in that they are both sensory organs, which transform light or soundwaves into neural signals interpreted by the brain. But what can changes to those senses tell us about the brain’s performance as we age?Quite a bit, ...
11/23/2016 | Eyes, Ears and Aging

How Should I Eat While Recovering from My Sports Injury?

How Should I Eat While Recovering from My Sports Injury?

UW Health Sports Performance nutritionist Sean Casey understands a temptation common to injured athletes. Accustomed to rigorous activity that burns many hundreds of calories daily, athletes hobbled by a broken ankle or strained knee ligament ma...
11/15/2016 | How Should I Eat While Recovering from My Sports Injury?

Helping Those Who Help Others

Helping Those Who Help Others

The job is one the majority of us don’t think about, plan for, or are fully prepared to perform. But becoming a caregiver is something many of us are destined to do, whether we choose to or not.“It’s a hard job, no matter if you&rsq...
11/14/2016 | Helping Those Who Help Others

Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays

Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays

You’ve worked hard on your routine. Along with plenty of exercise and sleep, you plan your meals and eat a filling breakfast, nutritious lunch, healthy snacks and a sensible dinner.But how do you stay on track during holidays and special occasi...
11/14/2016 | Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays

What Research Says About Preventing Alzheimer's

What Research Says About Preventing Alzheimer

There are currently no effective treatments to reverse or stop Alzheimer’s disease after it takes root in the brain — a process that may start 10 or even 20 years before a person starts showing obvious symptoms. That’s why scientist...
11/14/2016 | What Research Says About Preventing Alzheimer's

Going Beyond Pumpkin Pie

Going Beyond Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkins get a lot of attention this time of year, but they are rather underappreciated as a food. Keep them in mind this holiday season because they are quite versatile. While we all enjoy a nice slice of pumpkin pie (with some low-calorie whip...
11/05/2016 | Going Beyond Pumpkin Pie




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