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UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin is committed to your health. Find tips and advice from UW Health experts to help you maintain the best health possible - from managing your stress to staying active, eating well and enjoying life.

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Join The American Center’s registered dietitian and chef, Julie Andrews, to learn how to make delicious, healthy meals.

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We have fitness and performance classes for athletes of all levels, from yoga and Qigong to Masters Swim and cross training.

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The UW Health Kids blogs Growing Up Healthy and Writes of Passage Blog provide resources and tips to help your family be healthy.

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Our Growing Up Healthy for kids and Writes of Passage for teens blogs helps you create a positive, healthy environment for your family. View the blogs


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Creating New Healthy Habits

Creating New Healthy Habits

Maybe it’s the New Year, or even a certain birthday milestone – the time comes when we plan to make healthy lifestyle changes like exercising regularly, eating better, or finally getting that dental check-up. And, soon after we find our g...
1/19/2017 | Creating New Healthy Habits

Getting a Good Workout at Home

Getting a Good Workout at Home

Think you need to join a gym to get a good workout? UW Health Sports Performance specialist Alison Regal disagrees. Regal, who works with athletes of all ages and abilities in the state-of-the-art Performance Center that houses her program, says...
1/18/2017 | Getting a Good Workout at Home

Putting a New Spin on Superfoods

Putting a New Spin on Superfoods

It seems like every day there's a new diet, superfood or supplement you're encouraged to try to maintain heart health. It might feel overwhelming, but you're getting sick of eating oatmeal every morning and steaming the same vegetables every night.Wh...
1/18/2017 | Putting a New Spin on Superfoods

Setting Realistic Goals When Returning to Exercise

Setting Realistic Goals When Returning to Exercise

If you're looking to get back to a fitness routine, or looking to start one up for the first time, you may start by seeing what the Internet has to offer. And you may be dismayed with what you find, because it's all so…professional. ...
1/17/2017 | Setting Realistic Goals When Returning to Exercise

The Pool's Not Frozen: Swimming for Exercise

The Pool

Americans exercise less in the winter than they do in the summer. According to Gallup, "Exercise follows a seasonal trend in the U.S., with more Americans saying they work out in the summer and less in the winter. The difference in frequent exer...
1/17/2017 | The Pool's Not Frozen: Swimming for Exercise

Dementia and the Risk of Falls

Dementia and the Risk of Falls

With an increasingly clear picture of why people living with dementia fall more than their cognitively-healthy peers, researchers from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health have identified possible solutions to reduce risk ...
12/16/2016 | Dementia and the Risk of Falls




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