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Clinical Outreach Services

For more than 30 years, outreach clinics staffed by UW faculty physicians have supported community-based health care systems by providing specialty services in towns and cities throughout Wisconsin and the region, increasing local access to specialty services.
UW Health's Clinical Outreach Program supports the organization's mission to: 
  • Provide safe, high-quality health care
  • Educate the next generation of health professionals
  • Conduct research to discover new methods of treatment and prevention
  • Provide education and outreach services to communities
Patient Care
Today, over 100 UW Health physicians visit more than 40 communities, offering clinics in local health care centers. These clinics meet the diverse health needs of their communities by providing clinical services from a comprehensive array of specialties and subspecialties. Depending on the community's need, clinics may be offered daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.
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Outreach Clinics by City

Clinical Locations by Specialty

Outreach Services Map (pdf)

Services provided in outreach clinics are typically consultative. UW Health physicians work with the community's local physicians and other health care providers to coordinate the care of their patients.
Located in local health centers, the clinics utilize local medical services and laboratory facilities. UW Health outreach clinics supplement and support the care already received by patients within their local health care system. In addition, some specialty services can offer local outpatient surgical procedures.
In addition to patient care, UW Health physicians also share their subspecialty expertise by providing educational opportunities for patients and local health care professionals.
Not all insurance plans allow their members to be seen by UW Health Physicians or cover ancillary charges incurred at a regional hospital or clinic. Patients should check with their primary care provider and insurance plan to obtain an approved referral prior to being seen by a UW Health physician at a UW Health outreach clinic.
Contact Information
  • Director Regional Outreach Programs: (608) 265-5560
  • Outreach Clinic Manager: (608) 890-9962
  • Regional Development Program Specialist: (608) 262-5150