American Family Children's Hospital

Pharmacy Medication Systems and Operations Residency Competency Objectives and Activities

Competency Objectives


Resident activities vary in scope depending on each individual’s background and areas of interest. Each MSO resident will obtain a high level of competency in each of the following areas:


  • Develop knowledge and skills in the following areas: communication techniques, problem identification and solving, decision making, productivity management, organizational design and behavior, cost/benefit analysis, technology assessment and strategic planning
  • Understand the components of an integrated health-system as they relate to the continuum of pharmaceutical care across the health system including acute care, ambulatory care, home care, sub-acute care and long term care
  • Obtain leadership and administrative skills necessary to manage pharmacy services across all areas of an integrative health-system
  • Understand the drug use system and information system technology required to support comprehensive pharmacy services
  • Perform technology assessment studies for new technology and automation
  • Develop knowledge and expertise in managing a contemporary Drug Policy Program
  • Gain exposure to the role of pharmacy in conducting and supporting drug research as well as understanding principles of conducting research in administrative science
  • Participate in pharmacy education and research as part of an academic medical center as well as the integration of education and research into practice
  • Create, promote, and market pharmacy's role within an integrated health care systems and always maintain a sense of humor in creating opportunities instead of problems


  • Two major, longitudinal projects will be completed over the course of the 2-year program
  • Rotation projects as determined by rotation preceptors

Committee Responsibilities


The resident will be an active member of the following committees during months seven through 24. The resident will have the opportunity to serve on other committees depending on resident and program director preference.

  • Drug Product Selection and Supply (DPSS)
  • Technician Training Advisory Board (in addition to other technician training oversight)
  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Inpatient Operations

Presentation Opportunities

  • Resident Report with all UW Health residents
  • In-service and journal club presentations on clinical rotations
  • Resident Seminar presentation to the administrative team on a leadership topic
  • Major projects are presented at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, Great Lakes Pharmacy Resident Conference, and Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin Annual Meeting and Educational Conference

Other Activities

  • Weekly resident seminar – discussion based presentations with leaders throughout UW Health and the pharmacy profession
  • Patient and medication safety involvement
  • Participation in resident community service projects
  • Opportunities to interact with residents in the administrative, practice, community, critical care, nutrition, oncology, infectious diseases and transplant pharmacy residency programs
  • Twice monthly coffees with the Director of Pharmacy


  • ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting
  • Great Lakes Pharmacy Residents Conference
  • Summer Midwest Residency Exchange
  • ASHP Leadership Conference
  • PSW Annual Meeting and Educational Conference
  • Administrative resident hospital visits