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Pharmacy Administrative Residency: Meet Our Residents

The combined Master's degree and residency in Health System Pharmacy Administration at UW Health is designed to provide the resident with a solid background in academics and the administration of exemplary pharmaceutical services across an integrated health system.


Junior Administrative Residents


Kristen Gray

  • Kristen GrayPharmacy School: University of North Carolina
  • Residency Project: Implementation and Standardization of IV Workflow Technologies in an Academic Medical Center
  • Career Interests: Medication safety, Informatics, Leadership Development
  • Hobbies:  Playing with my two dogs, reading, going to the movies, anything outdoors!
  • Why UW? UW has everything I was looking for in a residency. The Administrative program provides residents with robust clinical and administrative experiences throughout both years of the residency. The Master curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that what is learned in the classroom can be put into practice on rotation and beyond. In addition, UW has a long history of producing outstanding leaders in the pharmacy profession and I wanted to be a part of that history!
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Jevon Oliver

  • Jevon OliverPharmacy School: The University of Oklahoma  
  • Residency Project: Preceptor development plan: creation and implementation of an enterprise-wide program
  • Career Interests: Pharmacy Administration, Pharmacy Operations, Leadership Development, Human Resources Management, Ambulatory Care, and Clinical Management.
  • Hobbies: Singing in choirs, working out, supporting OU football/Thunder basketball, traveling, sci-fi novels/shows, and perfecting my barbering techniques.
  • Why UW? My first thought after my interview at UW was, “I sure hope they pick me because I’ve already picked them”, for it was at this moment, I knew that I had finally found the right “fit” for me!  The UW pharmacy department has established itself as one of the best in the country. Both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are practicing at the top of their licenses here, which in turn, has aided in the department’s ability to provide unsurpassed patient care to the citizens of Madison and beyond. The legacy stemming from this program is exceptional and the pharmacists here are wholeheartedly invested in the success of their residents. The training we receive teaches you that the sky is the limit, and that the only barrier to achieving your goals is how high you are willing to jump. The past, present, and future of UW are bright and I plan to learn as much as possible during my time here. On Wisconsin!
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Thomas Pierson

  • Thomas PiersonPharmacy School: University of Findlay
  • Residency Project: Designing the optimal post-acute care rehabilitation pharmacy service model
  • Career Interests: Healthcare administration, legislative advocacy, professional organizations, mentorship, and finance
  • Hobbies: Running, skiing, hunting and fishing, playing music, and exploring Madison
  • Why UW? The administrative residency at UW has consistently placed residents at the forefront of shaping the future of pharmacy practice for more than half a century. Graduates of the program are leaders in every aspect of healthcare, have a passion for excellence, and continue to greatly impact the advancement of pharmacy and the care of our patients. I chose UW because I had the desire to be trained within an innovative and progressive department of pharmacy, and to join a tremendous network of leaders who are committed to mentoring and developing the next generation of leaders in pharmacy.
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Kristin Widmer

  • Kristin WidmerPharmacy School: University of Wisconsin
  • Residency Project: Implementing and evaluating the impact of telepharmacy on pharmacy services in the community setting
  • Career Interests: Health-system pharmacy leadership, developing the pharmacist role in the ambulatory setting and care transitions, reimbursement models, professional organization involvement, mentorship, and leadership development
  • Hobbies: Staying active outside and exploring all the great food & drink Madison has to offer!
  • Why UW? They say you become the people you surround yourself by and I whole heartedly believe the innovative, hardworking, and fun pharmacy family we are surrounded by each and every day at UW compares to no other. As a student I got a taste of the strong tradition of the administrative program and the wealth of opportunity and growth this program facilitates and expects. There was no way I could leave a place that had so much left to offer!
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Senior Administrative Residents


Nicholas Capote

  • Nicholas CapotePharmacy School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • Residency Project: Integration of 7.0 FTE primary care pharmacists within family medicine clinics of an academic health-system
  • Career Interests: Technology in health care, inpatient and ambulatory operations, population health, ambulatory pharmacy services development, teaching and mentorship, and participation in professional organizations (local, state, national)
  • Hobbies: Outdoor team sports, camping, hiking, trying new food and drink
  • Why UW? It was an absolute fit. I also realized I would be farthest from my comfort zone in the UW program and that was exactly what I wanted when searching for a quality residency. Additionally, the legacy stemming from this program is second to none. The career potential is limitless after receiving the type of training UW Health and the administrative program have to offer. The pharmacists here are qualified, fun to be around, and take the growth of their residents seriously. Wisconsin has some pretty delicious cheese curds, too!
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Ryan Craynon

  • Ryan CraynonPharmacy School: University of Cincinnati
  • Residency Project: Expediting discharges through pharmacist pended medication orders
  • Career Interests: Pharmacy administration within a large health-system with a wide range of interests including operations, informatics, specialty, ambulatory leadership and supply chain.
  • Why UW? First and foremost, I wanted to be a part of an innovative pharmacy department that plays an integral role within a health-system and UW fits the bill. The UW management team and preceptors are of the highest quality with a track record of producing leaders that are shaping the profession of pharmacy today. Residents are tasked with meaningful projects to complete with the chance to impact the UW health-system on many levels. Overall, UW provides a resident with the necessary resources, family atmosphere, and opportunities to excel as a pharmacy resident.
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Jim Langley

  • Jim LangleyPharmacy School: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • Residency Project: Ambulatory supply chain optimization
  • Career Interests: Shifting the paradigm of pharmacy practice
  • Hobbies: Ice hockey, soccer, reading, hunting/fishing, recreational sports
  • Why UW? You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. –Wayne Gretzky.
  • Innovative research, respectful, hardworking, pharmacy practice advancement leaders, honest values, and national leaders in health care. Why wouldn't you want to be here?
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Daniel Schenkat

  • Daniel SchenkatPharmacy School: University of Wisconsin
  • Residency Project: Implementation of an IV chemotherapy compounding robot within an academic medical center
  • Career Interests: Pharmacy leadership, particularly within the realms of pharmacy technology, operations, informatics, and medication safety
  • Hobbies: Playing drums in a 70s rock cover band, triathlons, backpacking, and spending time outdoors
  • Why UW? I was inspired by UW’s rich legacy of shaping pharmacy practice through innovation, hard work, and disciplined collection and sharing of data. The UW Pharmacy Administration residency program is incredibly challenging, but I knew this challenge would prepare me to be a better clinician and a better pharmacy leader, both of which will result in improved care for our patients. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the UW legacy.
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