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Nurse Residency Program (Post-Baccalaureate)

Residency Comments

“I have been very happy with the residency program. It has relieved the great anxiety of coming from a theory-based BSN program.”


“I am a better nurse because of the residency program. I love my job and attribute that in part to this program.”


“I feel this position would have been overwhelming had I not had the residency program to help me.”



Spotlight on Nursing

Applying to the Program

2015 Application Deadlines

  • January 2015 Nurse Residency Program: August/December 2014 graduates should have application materials submitted by October 15, 2014. Applications received after October 15, 2014, will be reviewed for admission based on continued program openings.
  • Summer 2015 Nurse Residency Program: May 2015 graduates should have application materials submitted by December 1, 2014. Applications received after December 1, 2014, will be reviewed for admission based on continued program openings.


How to Apply


The application process consists of a supplemental application packet, an online application with resume and a transcript.


Please follow these steps to apply:


Step 1: Supplemental Application Materials

Complete and save the following forms on your computer. This needs to be completed prior to the online application.


Nurse Residency Program Supplemental Application (pdf)

Nurse Residency Program Supplemental Application (doc)


Note: Microsoft Word version (doc) recommended for applicants using a Mac computer 


Please refer to the attached Unit Descriptions when completing the Supplemental Application.


Unit Descriptions (pdf)


Step 2: Online Application


There are four parts to the online application. Please follow these steps:

  1. Attaching the Supplemental Application
    • Go to the UW Hospital and Clinics online job search
    • Register, if you have not already created an account
    • Go to "My Career Tools"
    • Go to the cover letters and attachment section
    • Add attachment
      • For "attachment type" click either "cover letter" or "OIF"
      • For "attachment purpose" type supplemental application
      • Add attachment
      • Browse
      • Find Supplemental Application Packet on your computer
      • Upload
      • Save and Return
    • Return to Previous Page
    • Job Search for Nurse Resident Position
    • Apply Now
  2. Resume and online application
    • Upload your resume
    • Click on Continue
    • Finish and submit your online application
  3. Transcript: Upload your electronic unofficial transcript in the "My Career Tools" section of your online profile.

Step 3: References


If you are selected as a finalist for a Nurse Resident position, the next step will be checking references. At UW Hospital and Clinics, reference checking is completed online, utilizing a reference checking service called SkillSurvey.

  • Human Resources Recruitment will notify you, either via phone or e-mail, that we would like to begin checking your references.
  • An email will be sent to you from SkillSurvey that includes a link to their website.
  • You will need to enter the e-mail addresses, including name, title, name of organization of four (4) references. Two (2) - three (3) references should be from clinical nursing faculty and one (1) - two (2) from either a clinical nurse manager, preceptor or supervisor of past/current employment. If unable to enter this information within 48 hours of receipt of the initial email, please contact Human Resources at (608) 261-0040.
  • Each of your references will receive an e-mail from SkillSurvey directing them to complete a confidential online survey regarding your past clinical/work performance. 
  • To help expedite the process, Human Resources recommends that you contact your references in advance and encourage them to complete the on-line survey in a timely manner.
  • You should monitor the progress being made by your references by accessing the SkillSurvey website. Please contact those individuals who have not yet completed the reference survey.

Completed references are a tool used to evaluate and select the best candidate. Job offers are not extended to any candidate without completed references.