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Dietetic Internship

The UW Hospital and Clinics Dietetic Internship Program has a medical nutrition therapy concentration. Beginning in 2015, the UWHC Dietetic Internship Program is a 39-week, supervised practice experience consisting of clinical supervised practice and advanced nutrition learning. The program includes clinical, community, public health and food systems administration experiences. Interns are in rotations a minimum of 32 hours per week, Tuesday through Friday.


The internship is integrated with the UW-Madison Capstone Certificate Program in Clinical Nutrition-Dietetic Internship as NS 670 Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum I (3 credits), and NS 671 Nutrition and Dietetic Practicum II (3 credits).




The 39-week dietetic internship includes the following rotations:

  • Orientation (1 week; 32 hours)
  • Clinical Nutrition-Ambulatory Medical Nutrition Therapy (4 weeks; 32 hours per week)
    • Diabetes Care (2 weeks)
    • Free Choice (2 weeks). Choose from the following: Preventive Cardiology, Abdominal Transplant, Weight Management (Medical and Surgical), Digestive Health, Employee Wellness and Clinics, Nutrition Clinics (Eating Disorders, Weight Management)
  • Clinical Nutrition-Research Theory (1 week; 32 hours)
  • Community Public Health and School Nutrition (6 weeks; 32 hours per week)
    • Public Health in County Women, Infants and Children's Program or area school districts
  • Food Systems Administration (6 weeks; 32 hours/week)
    • UWHC Culinary Services, Agrace HospiceCare or grocery (6 weeks)
  • Clinical Nutrition-Medical Nutrition Therapy (18 weeks; 32 hours per week)
    • Clinical Skills (1 week)
    • MNT Chronic (4 weeks)
    • MNT Acute (4 weeks)
    • Surgery (2 weeks)
    • Renal (2 weeks)
    • Critical Care (2 weeks)
    • Extended Care/Geriatric Nutrition (2 weeks)
    • Management (1 week)
  • Clinical Nutrition-Pediatrics (3 weeks; 32 hours per week)

Total Hours: 1,248


Requirements of Program Completion

  • Completion of the UW-Madison Capstone Certificate in Clinical Nutrition-Dietetic Internship (NS 650, 651, 652, 653, 670, 671).  The required courses for the on-line courses (NS 650, 651, 652, 653) were developed while considering the program learning goals and after identifying the specific set of skills needed by an advanced practice clinical nutritionist.
    • NS 650: Advanced Clinical Nutrition – Critical Care and Nutrition Support (3 credits)
    • NS 651: Advanced Clinical Nutrition – Pediatrics (3 credits)
    • NS 652: Advanced Nutrition Counseling and Education (3 credits)
    • NS 653: Clinical Nutrition Research (3 credits)
    • NS 670 Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum I (3 credits)
    • NS 671 Nutrition and Dietetic Practicum II (3 credits)
  • Students must remain in good academic standing:
    • Students must earn ≥ 3.00 GPA on all course work attempted for the certificate program.
    • No program courses (Ns 650, 651, 652, 653, 670, 671) with grades less than C will be accepted for certificate completion.
    • Students receiving an Incomplete (I) grade are allowed the subsequent semester of enrollment to complete the course work.
  • Completion of all ACEND-accredited rotation competencies at satisfactory level as aligned with the grading system (NS 670 and NS 671), consistent with the achievement of performance for entry level dietitians.
  • Completion of Internship projects at required level of satisfaction:
    • Case Study Presentation
    • Journal Club Presentation
    • Behavior Assessment
    • E-Portfolio

Dietetic interns must complete all requirements of the Capstone Certificate in Clinical Nutrition-Dietetic Internship and demonstrate satisfactory completion of ACEND program competencies prior to the signing of the Dietetic Internship Verification Statement.