American Family Children's Hospital

Dietetic Internship Curriculum

The UW Hospitals and Clinics Dietetic Internship Program has a medical nutrition therapy concentration. Beginning in 2015, the UWHC Dietetic Internship Program is a 39-week, supervised practice experience consisting of clinical supervised practice and advanced nutrition learning. The program includes clinical, community, public health and food systems administration experiences. Interns are in rotations a minimum of 32 hours per week, Tuesday through Friday.


The internship is integrated with the UW-Madison Capstone Certificate Program in Clinical Nutrition-Dietetic Internship as NS 670 Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum I (3 credits), and NS 671 Nutrition and Dietetic Practicum II (3 credits).




The 39-week dietetic internship includes the following rotations:

  • Orientation (1 week; 32 hours)
  • Clinical Nutrition-Ambulatory Medical Nutrition Therapy (4 weeks; 32 hours per week)
    • Diabetes Care (2 weeks)
    • Free Choice (2 weeks). Choose from the following: Preventive Cardiology, Abdominal Transplant, Weight Management (Medical and Surgical), Digestive Health, Employee Wellness and Clinics, Nutrition Clinics (Eating Disorders, Weight Management)
  • Clinical Nutrition-Research Theory (1 week; 32 hours)
  • Community Public Health and School Nutrition (6 weeks; 32 hours per week)
    • Public Health in County Women, Infants and Children's Program or area school districts
  • Food Systems Administration (6 weeks; 32 hours/week)
    • UWHC Culinary Services, Agrace or grocery (6 weeks)
  • Clinical Nutrition-Medical Nutrition Therapy (18 weeks; 32 hours per week)
    • Clinical Skills (1 week)
    • MNT Chronic (4 weeks)
    • MNT Acute (4 weeks)
    • Surgery (2 weeks)
    • Renal (2 weeks)
    • Critical Care (2 weeks)
    • Extended Care/Geriatric Nutrition (2 weeks)
    • Management (1 week)
  • Clinical Nutrition-Pediatrics (3 weeks; 32 hours per week)

Total Hours: 1,248


Requirements of Program Completion

  • Completion of the UW-Madison Capstone Certificate in Clinical Nutrition-Dietetic Internship (NS 650, 651, 652, 653, 670, 671).  The required courses for the online courses (NS 650, 651, 652, 653) were developed while considering the program learning goals and after identifying the specific set of skills needed by an advanced practice clinical nutritionist.
    • NS 650: Advanced Clinical Nutrition – Critical Care and Nutrition Support (3 credits)
    • NS 651: Advanced Clinical Nutrition – Pediatrics (3 credits)
    • NS 652: Advanced Nutrition Counseling and Education (3 credits)
    • NS 653: Clinical Nutrition Research (3 credits)
    • NS 670 Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum I (3 credits)
    • NS 671 Nutrition and Dietetic Practicum II (3 credits)
  • Students must remain in good academic standing:
    • Students must earn ≥ 3.00 GPA on all course work attempted for the certificate program.
    • No program courses (Ns 650, 651, 652, 653, 670, 671) with grades less than B will be accepted for certificate completion.
    • Students receiving an Incomplete (I) grade are allowed the subsequent semester of enrollment to complete the course work.
  • Completion of all ACEND-accredited rotation competencies at satisfactory level as aligned with the grading system (NS 670 and NS 671), consistent with the achievement of performance for entry-level dietitians.
  • Completion of Internship projects at required level of satisfaction:
    • Case Study Presentation
    • Journal Club Presentation
    • Behavior Assessment
    • E-Portfolio

Dietetic interns must complete all requirements of the Capstone Certificate in Clinical Nutrition-Dietetic Internship and demonstrate satisfactory completion of ACEND program competencies prior to the signing of the Dietetic Internship Verification Statement.


The online UW-Madison Capstone Certificate in Clinical Nutrition is also available without the Dietetic Internship. It is designed for new graduates (prospective interns), current interns and experienced professionals seeking advanced clinical nutrition training. The Capstone Certificate in Clinical Nutrition may increase your chances of matching to competitive internship programs. The courses earn full graduate credit, which students may subsequently use in relevant graduate/professional degree programs at UW-Madison and other institutions.