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Dietetic Internship

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Application Process


Apply to:

  • UW-Madison Capstone Program in Clinical Nutrition-Dietetic Internship by applying to be a special student. Be sure to specify the Capstone Certificate in Clinical Nutrition and that it begins in the summer.
  • DICAS, the Dietetic Internship Computerized Application System, by February 15, 2015.
    • Ideally, two references should be from professors in food or nutrition, food service management, or science, and one reference should be from a supervisor of work experience.
    • Please report your GRE results and scan the GRE score report into the supplemental section of DICAS with your letter.  
  • D&D Digital Computer Matching
  • If you are matched with the UW Hospital and Clinics Dietetic Internship, you will then be invited to submit a formal online employment application to the organization. Also at this time, an official GRE report should be sent to UWHC.

Second Round Selection


UW Hospital and Clinics Dietetic Internship positions not filled during first-round match will be selected from applications and interviews that were reviewed by the program with the first-round match. This means that students who have applied and interviewed during the first-round matching process but, did not match to any program during the first round, will be given priority for a second round selection.

  • The Dietetic Internship Director will reach out directly to any unmatched students who have previously applied to the program during the first round to begin the second-round selection. It is not necessary for students to contact the Dietetic Internship Director to inquire about openings.
  • New applications to the program from students who have not previously applied to the UW Hospital and Clinics Dietetic Internship Program will be taken through DICAS if the program does not fill from first-round applications.
  • New applicants should apply to the program through DICAS, and must meet the application requirements as stated above, including application to the UW-Madison Capstone Certificate Program in Clinical Nutrition-Dietetic Internship and reporting GRE test scores.

Selection Criteria


Application to the UW-Madison's Capstone Certificate-Dietetic Internship Program requires successful completion of The Academy's Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) requirements and fulfillment of the application process noted above.

Interns are selected based on:

  • Scholastic achievement
  • Conceptual ability
  • Written and oral expression
  • Self-direction
  • Preparation
  • Work experience
  • Professional activities
  • Leadership abilities
  • Professional references
  • GRE scores (required)

It is ideal that the personal narrative reflects such abilities. In the past, the students selected typically have a graduate GPA greater than 3.0 and paid work experience in clinical nutrition and/or food service experience.

International Applicants


Applicants must be either citizens of the United States or able to maintain work authorization throughout the internship. UW Hospital and Clinics does not offer visa sponsorship to candidates for the Dietetic Internship program.