American Family Children's Hospital

Graduating Residents

Resident performing a treatment on a patient's legOn behalf of GME senior leadership and staff at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, please accept our sincere appreciation for your contributions during your graduate medical education experience. It has been our pleasure to know you and to work with you during your time here. Thank you for supporting our vision to provide the best possible patient care experience and outcomes for all those who need our services, and to provide programs that support the health and wellness of individuals and populations.


You have undoubtedly already begun completing credentialing, licensure and certification applications for your next position. In doing so you have probably discovered it all to be very time consuming, trying to track down all the necessary information. This will not be the last time you will be asked to provide this basic information. We encourage you to save electronic copies of documents and confirmations to a personal flash drive or computer so that you will be able to retrieve them the next time you change practice locations.


Required Address Updates


Change of Address

Complete the GME Change of Address form (pdf) to receive your W-2 form in January of the next year. Submit to the GME Office or H4/831-8320


Wisconsin Medical Licensure


Complete the Change of Address for your Wisconsin medical license on the WI Dept of Safety & Professional Services website -


NPI - National Provider Identification Number


It is crucial when a health care provider moves to a new institution, that their NPI information is updated within 30 days of the effective date of the change. It is the health care providers' responsibility to keep their NPI information up to date.


You must change:

  • Provider Business MAILING Address
    • New practice location - Contact your new practice Business Office for the correct address.
    • New program location - If you are going to a new training program outside UW Hospital and Clinics contact your new program coordinator for the address.
    • If you are going to be UW School of Medicine and Public Health Faculty - contact the UW Medical Foundation Provider Enrollment at (608) 829-5485.
    • If you are going to be Williams S. Middleton VA Hospital Faculty contact Medical Affairs Office at (608) 280-7239.
  • Provider Business PRACTICE Address (in many cases this is different from the Provider Business (office) address- pharmacies use this address to directly contact providers on prescription questions.
  • DO NOT use your home address or cell phone number
  • Update Provider Taxonomy and State licensure
  • Update designation of an alternate person, could be yourself
  • Review carefully that all the information has been updated.



If you currently hold a DEA license, complete the address change request on the DEA website after acquiring an approved state license for your new practice location. These changes will become effective immediately upon DEA verifying the new state license. The change of address will also ensure that your DEA renewal notice is sent to the correct address.

DEA Diversion Website - Address Change Form:


Additional Updates


Change of Bank


If you would like your last check deposited into a new bank account complete the UW Hospital and Clinics Direct Deposit Authorization Form (pdf) and submit no later than three weeks prior to your end date to UW Hospital and Clinics Payroll Department by faxing to (608) 262-0399.


Last Paycheck


To determine the date of your last paycheck, review the UWHC 2014 Bi-Weekly Payroll calendar located on UConnect, or contact the GME Office, or (608) 263-0572, option 0.


Medical School payrolled trainees should check with their Department Payroll Personnel.


Items to be Returned


Return the following items to your Program Coordinator:

  1. UW Hospital and Clinics Photo ID
  2. VA Photo ID (if applicable)
  3. Meriter Hospital ID (refund received when ID returned to Meriter Hospital Transportation Dept.)
  4. UW Hospital and Clinics Pager
  5. Keys (if applicable)
  6. UW Parking Permit / Hangtag
  7. GME Forwarding Address Form (if not already submitted to the GME Office)

Wisconsin Patients Compensation Fund (PCF)


Graduating Residents/Fellows employed by UW Hospital and Clinics are responsible for the status changes with the Wisconsin Injured Patients & Families Compensation Fund (PCF). UW Hospital and Clinics paid for your PCF assessment (excess coverage) during your training period.


With the completion of your training, and after changing your address for your Wisconsin Medical license, the PCF will send you a letter indicating that you no longer have a valid certificate of professional liability on file with the PCF. It is your responsibility to respond to this letter. Review the attached directions on how to correctly complete the PCF form.


Professional Liability Insurance


While employed by UW Hospital and Clinics, you were covered under UW Hospital and Clinics's professional liability insurance and UW Hospital and Clinics paid for your primary insurance during your training period. Any coverage for moonlighting activities would have been paid by you or your moonlighting employer.


Liability Coverage / Claims History Request:


Information regarding liability coverage and claims history is required for new employment; residents should complete the Request for Liability Coverage/Claims History form to obtain a report. If you have any questions on your coverage or claims, contact the Risk Management Department at (608) 261-1327.


Request for Liability Coverage/Claims History Form (pdf)


Email and Electronic File Storage


Outlook email accounts will terminate on the last day of training. Forward all emails from your Outlook account to your personal account. Be sure that you are not transferring any PHI to an outside account. Also transfer any files that have been saved on your Resident Desktop.


If you are becoming a Medicine VA Chief Resident or a Pediatric Chief Resident, you will no longer have your UW Health email account.


Health Insurance and Other Benefits


Please review the Health Insurance and other benefits document below. Contact the Human Resources Service Center at or (608) 265-8204 with specific questions.


Health Insurance Coverage Information (pdf)


Long Term Disability Insurance - Northwestern Group LTD Insurance


The long-term disability insurance, underwritten by the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company through the Shulla Financial Services, ends on the last day of your training. If you want to apply for conversion coverage this needs to be requested prior to your last day of employment at UW Hospital and Clinics. Information will be sent by Shulla Financial Services to your home address. Contact Andrew P. Shulla, CLU, at (608) 836-2094 with any questions. If interested in converting your group long-term disability coverage to conversion insurance complete the following application and return to the address indicated on the form.


Long Term Disability Conversion Request Form (pdf)


Merck Loan


Any remaining Merck Loan balance will be deducted from the last paycheck. If there are questions about your balance, contact the GME Office at or (608) 263-0572.


UW Hospital and Clinics Direct Deposit Authorization Form (pdf)

International Medical Graduates

As you complete your training at UW Hospital and Clinics, the following documentation will need to be completed depending on your situation. These materials can be sent directly to ECFMG.


If you will be transferring to another program, contact the Training Program Liaison at your new institution for assistance with your J-1 continuation sponsorship.


If you will be seeking an extension to sit for a Board exam, there is an application and instruction materials available on the ECFMG website,


If you will be returning to your home country, you will need to notify ECFMG that you will no longer require sponsorship. Complete the Notification of Termination as an ECFMG Exchange Visitor -

Med Hub Access


You will lose access to Med Hub 30 days after your program end date. Please work with your program coordinator to ensure all necessary training documentation has been completed (eg evaluations, procedures, duty hours, etc) and any personal information you wish to keep for your records has been exported. Please note if you wish have any Med Hub communication sent to you via email during this 30 day window you must provide an updated personal email address as your uwhealth email will no longer be active.




UW Hospital and Clinics-GME certificate policy:

  • The certificate of completion is a valuable legal document
  • Each graduating trainee is entitled to one completion certificate per program completed
  • The name on the certificate is the name under which the resident/fellow trained
  • There is no replacement for lost or stolen certificates and name changes
  • A damaged certificate may be replaced only if the original certificate is returned to the GME Office to destroy



All scrubs must be returned to their respective assigned machines. You will be charged a fee of $25/set that will be deducted from your last paycheck.


Training Verifications


Training verifications can be completed by the training program or the Graduate Medical Education Office. The GME Office can only verify training dates. To ensure timely completion of Resident verifications please make sure that all verifications that include an evaluation or an assessment of clinical skills are forwarded directly to your training program


Employing institutions can request your verification on-line at