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Initial Paramedic Training Course Information: Group 59

An archive of course information from the UW Health Emergency Education Center's Initial Paramedic Training Course Group 59.



Therapeutic Communication (pdf)


Lecture Handouts

AP 2012 (ppt)

Documentation Presentation (ppt)

Documentation Presentation Oct. 10 (ppt)

PT Assessment 2012 (ppt)

EMS Communications (ppt)

Suction (pdf)

Breath Sounds Student (pdf)

Capnography (ppt)

Airway Management (ppt)

Pediatric Airway Management (ppt)

MFD Burn Protocol (pdf)

EMS Adult Burn Protocol (pdf)

EMS Pediatric Burn Protocol (pdf)

Medical Terminology (ppt)

Burn Assessment and Care (ppt)

Methanol (pdf)

Isopropanolol (pdf)

Ethylene Glycol (pdf)

Ethanol Graph Student (pdf)

Ethanol Student Outline 2 (pdf)

SIDS (pdf)

Face Off for Trauma (ppt)

Orthopedic Injuries (ppt)

Abdominal Trauma Care (ppt)

CPAP and BiPAP (ppt)

Overdoses (pdf)

Spine Trauma (ppt)

Game: AnP | Cardiac | CPR-ACLS-PALS | Drugs | General information | Skills (ppt)



Week 1 (pdf)

Week 2 (pdf)

Week 5 (pdf)

Week 9 (pdf)




OR Instructions (pdf)

Scrubs (pdf)

Clinical 1 and 2 (pdf)

Clinical Skills (pdf)

Clinical Skills Simulated (pdf)

Physical Assessement Instructions (pdf)

Instructions for Assessment and Skills (pdf)

HX Assessment Tool (pdf)

Clinical 3 (pdf)

Clinical 4 (pdf)

Clinical 7 and 8 (pdf)

Directions (pdf)

Week of Nov. 26 (pdf)

Week of Dec. 3 (pdf)

History and Physical Examination (pdf)

Week of Dec. 10 (pdf)

Week of Dec. 17 (pdf)

Week of Jan. 7 (pdf)

Week of Jan. 14 (pdf)

Objective 12L (pdf)

Week of Jan. 21 (pdf)

Week of Jan. 28 (pdf)

Week of Feb. 4 (pdf)

Week of Feb. 11 (pdf)

Ambulance Evaluation (pdf) | Daily Sheet (pdf)

Field Skills (pdf)

Phase 2 Summary (pdf)

P2 Phase 2 (pdf)

Phase 2 Follow-Up (pdf)

Phase 2 Evaluation: Non-MFD (pdf)

MFD Preceptor Evaluation (pdf)

Phase 2 Group 59 Only HW (pdf)

OIC Phase 2 Group 59 (pdf)




Introduction to Pharmacology (pdf)

Thiamine (pdf)

Methylprednisone EMT-P (pdf)

Cyanokit (pdf)

Furosemide (pdf)

NTG (pdf)

ANS (pdf)

ANS Review (pdf)

Albuterol (pdf)

Atrovent (pdf)

Nitrous (pdf)

Amyl Nitrite (pdf)

Vasopressin (pdf)

Epinephrine (pdf)

Dopamine (pdf)

Norepinephrine (pdf)

Isuprel (pdf)

Adenosine (pdf)

Atropine (pdf)

Diltiazem (pdf)

Verapamil (pdf)

Amiodarone (pdf)

Lidocaine (pdf)

Magnesium (pdf)

Procainamide (pdf)

Sodium Bicarbonate (pdf)

Cardiac Drug Review (ppt)

Duo Dote (pdf)


Policies and Procedures


Student Policy Acceptance (pdf)

HIPAA (pdf)

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan (pdf)

PHI Disposal (pdf)

Policy: Protected Health Information (pdf)

Policy: Work Rules (pdf)

Policy: EEO No Harrassment/Discrimination (pdf)

Policy: Dress Code (pdf)


More Information


Syllabus: Fundamentals (pdf) | EKG (pdf) | Pharm (pdf)

Course Guidelines (pdf)

Paramedic Curriculum (pdf)

Communications (pdf)

Grading Guidelines (pdf)

Class Dates (pdf)

Clinical Class List (pdf)

UW Health policy (pdf)

UW Transportation Parking Map