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Exercise/Walking Routes

Woman walkingUW Health patients and employees have access to a number of walking routes and exercise avenues.


Download the files below to see walking routes near UW Health clinics and other facilities.


And check out the fitness classes available to the public at the UW Health Research Park using the links to the right.



Walking Routes


UW Hospital and Clinics (pdf) Home Health (pdf)
1 S. Park (pdf) Middleton Rehabilitation (pdf)
20 S. Park (pdf) PSC (pdf)
301 S. Westfield Rd. (pdf) Research Park (pdf) 
AOB (pdf) University Station (pdf)
East Clinic (pdf) West Clinic (pdf)
Excelsior (pdf) Westfield/West Towne (pdf)
Gateway Recovery (pdf) WISPIC (pdf)
Indoor routes for UW Hospital (pdf)