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Healthy Choices: Eating a Heart-Healthy Diet

The UW Health Heart and Vascular Care Healthy Choices video series is designed to help you create a heart-healthy diet.


Select the video links below to hear UW Health nutritionist Amy Mihm's tips on keeping your heart strong by selecting the right foods.


Also, check out our Heart-Healthy Recipes, including everything from Mediterranean Stuffed Salmon to Banana Bread Cookies.


Healthy Choices: Dairy 
When eating heart-healthy, you should look carefully at your dairy consumption and try to minimize the saturated fats.
Healthy Choices: Fats 
A good way to monitor your fat consumption is to learn the nutritional differences between butter, stick margarine and soft-tub margarine.
Healthy Choices: Fish 
Omega-3 fats are essential and cannot be produced in the body, so an integral part of a healthy diet will incorporate foods, such as fish, that are solid Omega-3 sources.
Healthy Choices: Fruits and Vegetables 
The benefits received from eating fruits and vegetables into your diet include gaining anti-oxidant nutrients that protect against heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.
Healthy Choices: Super Foods 
Many claims about "super foods" have no scientific basis. But UW Health nutritionist Amy Mihm says it's worth a little research, because some foods do have added health benefits.
Healthy Choices: Whole Grains 
UW Health nutritionist Amy Mihm says that half of the grains you consume should be whole grains. Foods that use the entire grain in their production are considered sources of whole grains.