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Seasonal Flu Information from the CDC


Local Flu Information

The Department of Health and Family Services maintains a list of local health departments

throughout Wisconsin and encourages people to contact local officials with questions and concerns.


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Prevención Contra La Influenza (pdf)


News About the Flu

Get the latest flu vaccine updates

Welcome to UW Health's flu resources section.


This portion of our website will be updated with the latest information about influenza, including materials about prevention, symptoms and getting the flu vaccine.


Flu Vaccine Appointments: Call Your Clinic

  • Contact your primary care clinic to schedule your flu vaccine appointment. View phone numbers for UW Health clinics
  • If you have MyChart, you may schedule a flu vaccine appointment via MyChart.
  • UW Health pharmacists also administer vaccines for seasonal influenza for patients ages 6 and up. Learn more

It's best to get the flu vaccine early in the flu season.


Who Should Get Flu Vaccine?


According to the Centers for Disease Control, the vast majority of people 6 months and older should get the flu vaccine.

  • Who can get the flu shot? Flu shots are for anyone 6 months and older who is not allergic to the flu vaccine or any ingredient in the flu vaccine.
  • Who should get the high-dose Influenza vaccine? The high dose vaccine should be given to patients 65 years and older.

Go to the CDC website to learn about flu shots and the high-dose vaccine


Nasal Flu Vaccine


Currently, nasal flu vaccine (FluMist®) is not recommended by the CDC and is not available at UW Health.