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Jonathan C. Makielski, MD, FACC close
Jonathan C. Makielski, MD, FACC

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Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

A Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Makielski is board certified in internal medicine and in the subspecialty of cardiovascular diseases (cardiology). Recognized as an excellent teacher both in clinical and scientific settings, Dr. Makielski formally lectures to graduate students in physiology, genetics, pharmacology and toxicology. Nationally, he has participated as a lecturer in numerous courses and tutorials. As a clinician-investigator, Dr. Makielski has developed a distinguished NIH-funded research career in molecular electrophysiology.


Cardiovascular Medicine

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Hospital Affiliation(s)

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (primary)

UW School of Medicine and Public Health

Department of Medicine

Professional Certifications and Education

Board Certification Internal Medicine
Cardiovascular Disease
Fellowship University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Residency North Carolina Memorial Hospital
Internship North Carolina Memorial Hospital
Medical School University of Chicago Medical School, Chicago, IL, 1979

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Dr. Makielski 's research has been continuously funded by the NIH since 1985 and he is a leader in ion channels research employing molecular biological and electrophysiological methods. His interests include the genetic basis of arrhythmia, such as the Burgada syndrome and long QT syndrome, with a focus on the cardiac sodium channel. Dr. Makielski is also studying the ATP-dependent potassium channel and its role in ischemia and ischemic preconditioning in the heart.

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