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Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Dr. Kuo is associate professor of Neurological Surgery and Human Oncology and Director of the Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. He specializes in treating benign and malignant brain and spinal tumors (i.e., GBM, pituitary tumor, meningioma, astrocytoma, metastatic cancer to brain), with special expertise in stereotactic radiosurgery for tumors, vascular lesions and trigeminal neuralgia. He co-directs the UW Comprehensive Cancer Center multidisciplinary Brain Tumor Clinic, and started the new, multidisciplinary Pituitary Tumor Clinic with colleagues in endocrinology, neuro-oncology, radiation oncology and neuro-ophthalmology. Dr. Kuo chairs the UW Comprehensive Cancer Center CNS Tumors Group, a national leader for clinical trials of new brain tumor therapies, and performs molecular biology research on cancer stem cells.



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Hospital Affiliation(s)

University Hospital (primary)
Veterans Hospital - Wm. S. Middleton Memorial, UnityPoint Health - Meriter (secondary)

UW School of Medicine and Public Health

Department of Neurological Surgery

Professional Certifications and Education

Board Certification Neurological Surgery
Fellowship University of Toronto (Labatt Brain Tumor Research Center)
University of Southern California (Norris Comphrehensive Cancer Center)
Residency University of Southern California
Internship University of Southern California
Medical School Harvard Medical School, MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Boston, MA

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Dr. Kuo’s research focuses on understanding the genesis of brain tumors, with the goal of developing novel therapies. He has investigated the radiosurgical management of brain tumors and the potential clinical use of novel gene markers in medulloblastomas. The Brain Tumor Research Laboratory is currently focused on the molecular biology of brain tumor stem cells and collaborating with other UW scientists to define possible molecular mechanisms of tumor stem cell pathogenesis to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

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