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Eye Care Services (Ophthalmology) News

Ophthalmologists from the University of Wisconsin have been caring for patients and studying eye diseases since 1925.


In addition to developing sight-saving tests and treatments, we are also studying the way the eye changes with age, improving corneal transplantation and providing advanced training for ophthalmologists from throughout the country.


5/23/2014New Stent Reduces Eye Pressure for Glaucoma and Cataract Patients
10/07/2010Grant Could Lead to Non-Invasive Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy
10/04/2010Recap of Progress in Sight VIII
8/09/2010Ophthalmologist May Soon Have an Answer For Strokes In the Eye
6/07/2010Keeping Your Eyes Safe During the Summer
3/11/2010UW Researchers Develop New Model for Macular Degeneration
3/05/2010Dry Eye and Post-menopausal Women
12/14/2009Handel, Bach and the History of Eye Care
10/30/2009Combat Blindness Foundation Celebrates 25 Years of Sight-saving Work
10/01/2009Middle Schoolers Collaborate on Sculpture for Combat Blindness Foundation


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Video Cutting-Edge Procedure Helps Infant Regain Sight (

Video icon An Alternate Treatment for Eye Cancer