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Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center swimmerThe UW Health Sports Medicine Center's Aquatic Center has two distinct pools to meet the fitness and rehabilitative needs of our members, class participants and patients. Both are available with a membership to our Fitness Center or by enrolling in one of our many aquatic class programs.
Exercising in the water is a fun, safe fitness option offering the benefits of reduced strain on the joints while improving flexibility, range of motion, strength, balance and endurance.
Get in the Pool
Why should you swim for exercise? Here are five reasons to swim.
The Lap Pool
The Lap Pool has five lanes and is 25 yards long. The majority of the pool is shallow, ranging from four feet to five feet deep. One-third of the pool is ideal for deep-water activities.
The pool is kept at a comfortable 82 degrees - a perfect temperature for activities such as lap swimming, water aerobics or deep water running classes. Stairs or a ramp can be used to enter the pool. A water wheelchair is available for individuals who need this access.
The Warm Water Pool
The Warm Water Pool gradually slopes from three and one-half to five feet deep. The pool is kept at a warm 92 degrees - a perfect temperature for stretching, strengthening and other less vigorous activities. A ramp can be used to enter the pool. A hydraulic lift is available for individuals with disabilities who need this access.