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Aquatic Center Swim Stroke Filming

UW Health Aquatic Center swim stroke filming: Two women at a computerThe UW Health Sports Medicine Aquatic Center offers swim stroke filming for swimmers who are interested in refining their stroke and improving their pool performance.


Advanced Stroke Analysis


Interested in perfecting the technique of your swim stroke for a competition or open water event? Advanced stroke analysis through underwater filming is a great way to visualize your personal swim stroke and receive feedback from an experienced Sports Medicine instructor.


Our $90 package includes:

  • 30 minute stroke filming session in the pool
  • Personal stroke DVD
  • 30-minute film analysis session, which includes viewing, verbal analysis, and instruction (one stroke)

Additional strokes can be filmed during the first 30 minute session. Additional film review sessions can be scheduled with the instructor/coach and charged as swim lessons.


Stroke View Video System

UW Health Aquatic Center swim stroke filming: Instructor filming a swimmerThe Aquatic Center uses Stroke View, a four-camera system that allows for simultaneous underwater and over-water video capture from multiple angles. Stroke View has a 22-inch monitor on the pool deck for immediate review and feedback. This comprehensive biomechanical analysis allows for identification of stroke faults that may be causing pain/injury or limiting performance.


A DVD copy and 30-minute instructor analysis is included in a stroke filming session, and continued analysis/coaching is available through the private swim lesson program. All ages and fitness levels are welcome.


Contact Information


To schedule a stroke filming appointment or if you have any questions, please call (608) 265-8350, extension 1, or e-mail our program.