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UW Health SMPH
American Family Children's Hospital

Swimming Mechanics: Foundations for Health and Performance


UW Health Research Park Clinic, 621 Science Dr., Madison


UW Health Sports Medicine hosts a free seminar for area youth swimmers, ages 9-18 years old. Sports Rehabilitation specialists Dan Enz and Beth Chorlton along with UW Health Fitness Center swim coach and swim instructor Katrina Caulfield will discuss the importance of proper freestyle swimming mechanics, common stroke faults and corrective drills.


The seminar will begin with 25 minute lecture followed by 90 minutes in the pool area. The pool portion will include three breakout groups:

  • Freestyle stroke evaluation (one specific component, not full analysis) with an under- and over-water video capture system, providing immediate review and feedback on a 22-inch monitor
  • Freestyle corrective drills (one specific component of stroke)
  • Dryland training ideas for preparation for performance and recovery for injury prevention.

Swimmers are asked to wear their swimsuits as well as bring goggles, cap, and towel to the seminar. Lockers rooms are available for showering and changing.