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No Stomach For Cancer Walk


The fee is $45 and includes a t-shirt, four NSFC wristbands, two Stomach Cancer Awareness Month magnets and stomach cancer awareness cards. Register online at


For more information:

Contact Meghan Gauger at or (608) 692-5141.

Join us as we unite in action and spirit worldwide to bring visibility and increased awareness about stomach cancer into our communities, as well as to raise funds to support stomach cancer research, education, and awareness.


The No Stomach For Cancer Walk is not an event that takes place on a designated course at a specific location with a start line, a set course, measured miles, and a finish line. It is a day on which you are asked to wear an NSFC 2013 Walk shirt and wristband while you "walk the course" of your day – whatever this is for you, whatever you want it to be – and be part of a worldwide day dedicated to raising awareness for stomach cancer.


The UW Carbone Cancer Center is a sponsor of the No Stomach For Cancer Walk.