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Trauma and Life Support Center (TLC)

TLC staffThe Trauma and Life Support Center (TLC) is a 24-bed critical care inpatient unit that primarily serves the adult medical, neurosurgical and surgical patient populations. Our patients range in age from adolescent to older adult. Patients are admitted on an emergent or non-emergent basis through a variety of routes including the Emergency Department, direct admissions from outlying facilities, in-house transfers and post-operative/procedural admissions.

Common Diagnoses

The majority of patients admitted to TLC are immediate post-surgical and post-traumatic injury patients, or inpatients that require aggressive intervention and therapy. Our staff serves patients who have undergone aortic and thoracic aneurysm repair, craniotomy and liver transplantation as well as those who have experienced multi-system failure, respiratory failure and gastrointestinal bleeding. We also care for bone marrow transplant recipients and patients who have received trauma and peripheral vascular work.

Typical Services

Patient care focuses on the patients' pulmonary, hemodynamic, neurologic and metabolic requirements. Hemodynamic monitoring includes arterial and central venous blood pressure, cardiac rhythm, cardiac output, systemic venous oxygen consumption and pulse oximetry. Intracranial pressure monitoring is also provided.  Treatments used include, but are not limited to, mechanical ventilation, continuous renal replacement therapies, medication administration, IV therapy and incision care.