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UW Health Pain Management in Madison, Wisconsin is a recognized leader in pain care.
Pain is the most common reason people look for health care. Whether the pain is from a new illness, an injury, cancer or a chronic problem like back pain, people come to see their health care providers because they're hurting.

At UW Health, we think pain should be treated as seriously as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Our caregivers, researchers and advocates work tirelessly to bring better pain treatment to our hospital and clinics, our state, and the nation.

We want our patients to have better comfort and function in every setting:
  • In the hospital, we use the full range of tools to control pain from illness, injury, surgery, cancer and terminal illness. We write and enforce hospital policies that require quality pain care.
  • In our clinics, we use exercise and rehabilitation, medications, injection techniques, relaxation and mind-body treatments, and integrative medicine to help people feel better and function better.
  • We help people with chronic pain to regain control of their lives, to function better at work, in the community and at home, to cope more effectively with pain when it cannot be cured, and to reduce their pain whenever possible.
  • We teach pain management skills to health care providers from across the country, write policies and guidelines for local, state and national pain care, and support legislation to make better pain care available for all.