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Pain and Headache Clinic

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Taking Control of Your Headache

Managing Headache in Primary Care

At the Pain and Headache Clinics, UW Health pain management specialists in Madison, Wisconsin, work in close partnership with our patients to help improve their quality of life, physical function, comfort and independence. 
Our Approach to Pain Care
Depending on the situation, patients may be evaluated by a single provider (usually a doctor) or by an interdisciplinary team including a doctor, physical therapist and psychologist.

Our expert staff evaluates each patient carefully to determine:
  • The types and causes of pain
  • Other physical problems that can accompany pain, such as postural problems, deconditioning and weakness
  • Emotional problems, such as depression, that can accompany pain
In addition to a careful history and thorough physical examination, we may also order tests such as X-rays, MRI or CT scans and blood tests. Our pain team performs some tests right at the clinic, including EMG (electrodiagnostic testing), QST (quantitative sensory testing) and tilt-table tests.

Patients admitted under our interdisciplinary program undergo general, psychological, and physical therapy evaluations on the same day. The team then develops a treatment plan and discusses it with the patient that afternoon.
Setting Up Appointments
To be seen in the Pain and Headache Clinics, you must be referred by a health care provider. Your provider will send us a request form and medical records to help us determine the type of evaluation you need.