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Headache Care Toolkit for Providers

headacheUW Health has launched a program to educate patients, families and providers on the prevention and treatment of headache disorders.
Our goals are to improve the health of our headache patients and reduce their need for emergency and urgent care services. The program is sponsored by a UW Ambulatory Innovation Grant and has been developed by the UW Pain Treatment and Research Center and UW Emergency Medicine.
Please accept the Headache Care Toolkit for Providers (pdf) with our compliments. The kit contains educational materials on headache care, plus tools you can use with your patients. Items include:
  • The citywide Adult Migraine Assessment and Treatment Guideline, developed by a expert committee and recently revised. This document contains decision trees that outline a practical approach to outpatient and urgent care headache management. The MIDAS headache disability questionnaire is also included. 
  • The current International Headache Society diagnostic classification scheme for headache
  • A Headache Treatment Plan to use with your patients. This can be used to define treatment goals and techniques for your patients, and can be shared with other providers who see your patients.
  • A UW Pain and Headache Clinic consultation request form, for those patients whose headaches do not respond to the treatment suggestions in this kit
  • A headache care tool kit for patients, including educational Health Fact handouts and a Headache Diary that patients can complete to help you track their headaches

The Toolkit


Headache Care Toolkit for Providers (pdf)




We hope this information is helpful to you. Should you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact our project director, Nathan Rudin, MD at the UW Pain and Headache Clinics at (608) 263-9550, or e-mail