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Integrative Medicine: Videos for Your Health

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Integrative medicine at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, expounds the program's ultimate goal - to work in partnership with our patients, health care providers and other individuals to facilitate and sustain each person's health, healing and well-being.


In the playlist below our Integrative Medicine specialists provide tips for healthy living that address mind, body and spirit.
  • Horse Stance: Kristi Rietz, OTR, Mindfulness instructor demonstrates a practical T'ai Chi exercise called, "Horse Stance." The exercise is intended to help support your well being by encouraging you to become aware of your body and how it feels.
  • Coping with Grief: Katherine Bonus, MA, Mindfulness program manager, discusses the various reasons why we may experience a sense of loss and grief and how we can find a deeper understanding when we are patient and loving with ourselves.

Eating for Your Health

  • Kale Salad: Kelly Hora, certified acupuncturist with UW Health's Integrative Medicine program offers a delicious healthy salad recipe that you can enjoy for lunch or as a side dish with dinner. Also included are four variations on the main recipe.
  • Ginger Tea: Dr. David Rakel, director of UW Health's Integrative Medicine program, explains a simple treatment for nausea for adults and children.


  • Self-hypnosis: Janice Singles, PhD, Health Psychologist dispels myths surrounding hypnosis and guides viewers through a simple exercise to demonstrate the power of visualization.

For Your Health

  • Bowel Regularity: Dr. David Rakel, director of UW Health's Integrative Medicine program, explains the importance of routine bowel movements and what you can do to ensure regularity.