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Integrative Medicine Patient Testimonials


To schedule an appointment, call (608) 262-WELL (262-9355), or stop by the front desk at the UW Health Research Park Clinic.


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Integrative Medicine at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, expounds the program's ultimate goal - to work in partnership with our patients, health care providers and other individuals to facilitate and sustain each person's health, healing and well-being.


Proof of our program's effectiveness is given most convincingly by the people who have experienced our programs. If you've received services and would like to share your experience, consider sharing your story.


Testimonial: A Massage Therapy Participant Praises Margo Stratton


UW Health Integrative Medicine massage therapist Margo Stratton


Margo Stratton

"I am so pleased with the excellent care I have received from Margo, my massage therapist. I have had two hip surgeries and back issues and she has helped me so much work through the pain.


"With her knowledge and gentle touch, I always leave feeling so much better. I sometimes go to see her just because I need a special 'me' treat and she provides that, too.


"I would recommend her to anyone. I have had great services from UW Health and I am so glad Margo is a part of UW and my health care!"


- Debbie



Testimonial: A Feldenkrais Participant Praises the Program


Feldenkrais instructor Hagit Vardi
Hagit Vardi

Paula describes the benefits she got from working with Feldenkrais practitioner Hagit Vardi, who provides both individual sessions (Functional Integration) and Awareness Through Movement classes at UW Health's Fitness Center:


"Functional integration: I have suffered for three decades with chronic neck and shoulder pain, with terrible posture. Over this time I have attended different treatment methods, including osteopathic, PT, massage therapy, extensive chiropractic and others. Most gave up on me and said there was nothing further they could do. Feldenkrais has allowed me to regain function and movement in my cervical vertebrae and shoulders. I saw my chiropractor recently for an acute event, and she commented that my hips had always gone one way, my torso another. Now I was straight on the table! No matter what she had done, this had never occurred. She confirmed that I now have movement in my cervical vertebrae.

Awareness through movement: I am enjoying exploring different ways to organize my movements. I have tried to incorporate this in my daily life. While there is still room to improve, Feldenkrais has given me hope."


Testimonial: A Feldenkrais Participant Shares Her Experience


"I didn't know anything about Feldenkrais, but it took only one session with Hagit Vardi to fix my knee. Now, after sessions on several other problems, I have found Feldenkrais therapy to be a truly life changing experience. Each session has provided not only effective physical relief, but valuable insights into the ways in which my perception has affected my everyday movements. I know of no other approach that clarifies the symbiotic balance between the brain, neural, and muscular components that give us our physicality. I enjoyed these movement experiences so much that I signed up for a class, which I find very beneficial."

-Barbara F.


Testimonial: An Acupuncture Patient Praises Colleen Lewis


Integrative Medicine acupuncturist Colleen Lewis

Collen Lewis

"I was sick with gastrointestinal, gynecological and other related symptoms for over a year. After a plethora of doctors' appointments, exams and lab tests, the medical community was at a loss to assist. Test after test came back negative, and the medical diagnostics were unable to pinpoint, and more importantly, resolve the problem. I lost almost approximately 20 pounds because there were so many foods I could not eat. Foods caused severe, adverse physical reactions. Gynecologists, primary physicians, allergists, ultrasound ad scanning technicians, gastroenterologists, and ER doctors were all unable to help. Eventually, I was referred to Colleen Lewis for acupuncture, and after just six appointments had already recovered 80 percent. Foods I was previously unable to eat, I was able to successfully re-introduce over time. Colleen diagnosed my condition as an 'energy' problem. As my body regained inner balance, painful symptoms began to diminish. I can now eat almost everything again, except for a few items. I am extremely grateful to Colleen for her attentive ear, compassion and professional acupuncture services. For me, acupuncture brought about the healing that no one else was able to do."


- (Patient Name Confidential)


Healing Touch Practitioner Karen Allaire

Karen Allaire

Testimonial: A Healing Touch Patient Praises Karen Allaire


Everyone in this life should treat themselves better. Well, start with healing touch. You do not have to have cancer or other diseases to benefit from the peace and relaxation you receive from Karen. I have been going for almost a year and one half - I have stage four bone cancer, but know this helps with the side effects of the treatments, the pain and gives me more energy. Possibly this energy work helps my immune system. Then you add the caring attitude of Karen Allaire and you will feel better about yourself. I urge others to try healing touch. 

- (Patient Name Confidential)


Testimonial: A Patient Shares Her Experiences with Massage Therapy

Michael Johnson Massage Therapist UW Health Integrative Medicine

Michael Johnson


When I decided to try myofascial release for treatment of my hip adductor injury I had no prior knowledge of this therapy. I was receiving traditional physical therapy, and my PT thought that some "massage therapy" might be helpful. I injured my adductors slipping on the ice last winter – the injury kept me from working, and also exacerbated my previous sciatica and scoliosis issues. Myofascial release provided the best relief and recovery for my acute injury, and I have also been able to address many of my sciatica and scoliosis issues from the self treatment that I have learned.

My therapist, Mike Johnson, has been a wonderful source of information and support for me. I am continuing to receive treatments, more as a preventive measure now, in conjunction with my own self care. I have shared my success story with many others since I had such a good outcome. I truly believe that the myofascial release treatment allowed me to return to work earlier than expected, and is allowing me to be more functional with fewer adverse effects from my scoliosis.

 - Judy, RN