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Managed Care Contracting

The UHC Managed Care Contracting Department represents UW Health as a unified mechanism for negotiating and servicing managed care contracts with insurers, employers and other health care organizations.
For more information, please contact a Managed Care Contracting specialist:
UW Health Contracting Manuals
UW Health's Orientation Manual and Billing and Reimbursement Manual were designed to provide assistance in administering your provider agreement with University Health Care, Inc. (UHC).
When reviewing the enclosed information, please be aware there may be instances in which not all of UW Health's programs or providers are included within the contractual agreement you have with UHC. Please be sure to check your contract language for additional details or contact your UHC contracting representative.
UW Health Orientation Manual
The UW Health Orientation Manual includes descriptions of services and resources available within the UW Health system, as well as guidelines for referring patients to our facilities. Among the services described in this manual are:
  • Intro to UW Health
  • Admissions
  • Coordinated care and case management
  • Home health care services
  • Patient and visitor services
  • Medical records request
  • HMO referral coordination program
  • Outreach locations, including cancer affiliations

UW Health Orientation Manual (pdf)*


UW Health Billing and Reimbursement Manual


The UW Health Billing and Reimbursement Manual was designed to help clarify billing practices and payment processes. This document includes billing information such as:

  • Tax identification and NPI numbers
  • Payment addresses, including EDI information
  • Service location listings

UW Health Billing and Reimbursement Manual (pdf)*


These documents are updated annually. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, please be advised that information shared in these documents can quickly become outdated.


If you have any questions about either document, please contact University Health Care at (608) 262-8329.

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