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UW Health faculty and staff can place their names on the Do Not Contact list to serve as notice to all vendor representatives that they do not wish to be contacted by phone, fax or e-mail. The following individuals have elected to include their names on the list.


Vendor representatives are expected to monitor this list carefully before contacting UW Health faculty or staff members without being contacted by them first. It is the representative's responsibility to NOT contact individuals whose names appear on this list. Failure to follow this policy will result in disciplinary actions as outlined in UW Health Policy 11.19.
Last Name
First Name Department
Brazelton Thomas Pediatrics
Buchanan Joel Medicine
Campbell Bethaney UWHC Manager or Staff
Endres Nola Other
Fagan Julie Medicine
Faucher Lee Surgery
Fleming John Neurology
Furstenberg-Knauff Meghan Neurology
Hager David Pharmacy
Ikonomidou Hrissanthi  Neurology 
Iwanski Anita UWHC Manager or Staff
Jensen Matt Neurology
Klinker Gwen Nursing
Klosterman Maureen UWHC Manager or Staff
Lainhart Janet Psychiatry
LoConte Noelle Medicine
Malphy Michele Neurology
McBride Patrick Medicine
Morris Nathan

Web Systems

Murphy Michele Neurology
Peroutka Brian UW Health Manager or Staff
Pollock Allison Pediatrics
Rehm Jen Pediatrics
Rentmeester Mary Alice UW Health Manager or Staff
Sattin Justin Neurology
Saviello George Anesthesia
Seffrod Erin Clinical Nutrition
Seeger Susan Neurology
Segersten Deborah Surgery
Sheehy Ann Medicine
Springman Scott Anesthesiology
Stein James Medicine
Thoma Michelle Pharmacy
Trapskin Philip Pharmacy